Important Information for Election Day - Gwen Shaw General Secretary

Any activities (including advertising) promoting the election of a candidate of party, or attacking a candidate or party, are prohibited on election day before 7pm (Sunday 23 September) and are a criminal offence. The full list of prohibited activities on election day set out in section 197 of the Electoral Act prohibit anything that interferes with or influences voters.


  • Voters CANNOT enrol to vote on Saturday. You can only vote if you are already enrolled.

  • All billboards, posters, 'vote Green' messages should be off the streets by midnight Friday. If you see any rogue material out there, please take it down (or call your local organiser for help.)

  • No campaigning on election day. It is a criminal offence.

  • You cannot urge anyone to vote Green on the phone or doorstep. BUT see below for what you can do

  • You cannot wear a Green t-shirt, or hand out Green collateral (leaflets, business cards, stickers etc) on election day.

  • You cannot ask who people have voted for, or conduct any other form of opinion polling in relation to the election.

  • Do not post messages about voting/party support on social media before 7pm.

    • If somebody picks it up and recirculates it that could mean trouble (see above).

    • It might be a good idea (particularly for candidates) to change your social media settings so that people cannot post messages to you before 7pm.



  • You may wear an official party badge on election day. But only our party name and emblem/slogan are allowed! (No badges that say Party Vote Green)

  • You can’t say “Party Vote Green” BUT you can introduce yourself as being from the Green Party and remind people to vote.

  • You may display streamers, rosettes, ribbons, or similar items in party colours on people or vehicles.

  • You may contact voters to offer help to get to a voting place.

Thank you for everything you have done for the Greens this election. I do hope it has been an enjoyable experience.


Gwen Shaw - Green Party General Secretary


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